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Bring digital gifting to B2B enterprises, triggered rewards & incentive, gaming, transportation, workflow and more. The BlinkSky API allows you to effortlessly make calls to our service via a lightweight REST protocol to quickly develop your next gifting or e-ticket solution.

BlinkSky Gifting as a Service (GaaS)

The BlinkSky API empowers website, enterprise and mobile app developers to use digital gift cards to reward employees, create triggered incentives, and increase loyalty and sales. Using the BlinkSky API you can easily create and offer your own end-to-end digital gift card program.

The BlinkSky API makes it simple to develop new and unique gifting, rewards and incentive experiences on web, mobile, and in-game. With comprehensive guides and documentation for the different libraries that we offer, you can create seamless gifting experiences that compliment your brand anywhere on the web or anywhere else.

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As a BlinkSky Partner, you gain access to the Partner Dashboard where you can create your own digital gift cards or access an resell cards created by others. To create a digital gift card, navigate to the "My Cards" option on the menu and click New Card.

Login to your BlinkSky Dashboard find your {APIKey}
click Developer on the menu to view your {APIKEY}

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